Monday, October 13, 2008

Mind Mapping fever.

Speaking of fever, I'm recovering from one right now as I'm typing this. My father just came home from Baguio and bought this powdered ginger tea which I'm drinking now. We call it "Salabat" here in the Philippines. Yummy.

As I'm preparing for the workload this week, I realized something:

The amazing brain tool Mind Mapping is catching on pretty quick with our clients! It's amazing to receive phone calls and emails everyday asking about Mind Mapping. I don't mind explaining the Mind Mapping tool to those who inquire, because I have seen how this tool is so cutting-edge.

In fact, we will be having a 2-day in-house Mind Mapping workshop with BP Philippines this coming Thursday and Friday with Eric Villarama. The following week after that, we will be having another in-house with the same company, but facilitated by Bernard Marquez - who will be arriving from the US very soon.


We'll be bringing back Mind Mapping for Kids this November, so stay tuned for that. ^_^

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