Thursday, May 8, 2008

About the Course Designer - Tony Buzan: Holder of the World's Highest Creativity IQ

Tony Buzan is the creator of the Mind Mapping thinking technique. Mind Maps, a learning technique described as 'The Swiss Army Knife of the Brain,' is used by over 250 million people worldwide including officials and staff in the Singaporean Government and School System and executives in Oracle, Microsoft, Con Edison and Boeing.

Tony Buzan is also the co-founder of the Mind Sports Olympiad and originator of the Mental Literacy concept. Most of his teaching generally divides up into general awareness of the extensive capabilities and capacities of the brain and its functions, memory skills, reading skills, mind map note-taking, creativity, and how brain functions can be improved over time.

To date, Tony Buzan has written over 90 books and many best sellers including Mind Maps at Work: How to Be the Best at Your Job and Still Have Time to Play, The Power of Creative Intelligence, The Brainsmart Leader, and The Mind Map Book: How to Use Radiant Thinking to Maximize Your Brain's Untapped Potential.

Mind Maps -

create "new knowledge"

"...a new generation of Mind Mapping software can also be used as a digital "blank slate" to help connect and synthesize ideas and data - and ultimately create new knowledge." - Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

help organize your materials for speeches

"If I am concerned about having too much or what to cover in a speech, I organize it by Mind Mapping the material." - Ken Blanchard - Author, One Minute Manager

inspire innovation

'Mind Maps have permeated Oracle. They are part of a drive for greater innovation within the company. Mind Maps have enabled us to improve our effectiveness. - Alan Matcham, Director of Oracle

Imagine the transformation it could do for your career, business, and life! Harness the power of creativity and the ability of conceptualizing innovative ideas for your organization.

Mind Mapping: Creative Thinking for Leaders and Managers™ is a workshop designed to help you unleash your brain's full potential.

In search of genius

Tony Buzan on BBC Working Lunch

Tony Buzan on Speed Reading

Tony Buzan at the Royal Albert Hall

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