Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Featured Facilitator: Bernard Marquez

Bernard Marquez is a certified Buzan Licensed Instructor (BLI) in the Philippines who trained at the Buzan Centre Asia in Singapore. He is a pioneer in using MindMapping in the Philippines, having applied Mindmaps in business, church, the academe and at home. Bernard has also attended training sessions directly under MindMapping inventor, Tony Buzan. (As firm believers in the use of Mindmapping to all aspects of their lives, Bernard and his wife, Ivy, who is also a certified BLI, home school their children using Mindmapping as one of the most important tools in their education.)

Bernard has extensive business and corporate experience having worked with multinational firms, including Sumitomo (Japan) and Samsung (Korea)." His hope is to help individuals achieve their potentials. Moreover, he specializes in Creativity, Innovation, Leadership and Education training for Teachers, Managers and Students.

Delegates has commented that, "Bernard has great facilitator traits such as friendliness, encouraging, positive, modeling, and competence. Well done!" - Teodoro Lapus, Trainer and Consultant

"Bernard is a great speaker and trainer... you should have more of him for Mind Mapping!" - Vilma P. Salvio, Philippine Bible Society

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