Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Mind Mapping: Creative Thinking for Leaders and Managers Workshop™ Seminar Details

5 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up Now:
  1. Learn Mind Mapping - a colorful, visual form of note-taking that involves the whole brain, can be worked on by an individual or a team, and is proven to get results.

  2. Discover how to find solutions and what is restricting you when brainstorming.

  3. Unleash creativity by unpacking the meaning of "associations between ideas" and the importance of imagery.

  4. Participate in a hands-on Mind Mapping workshop about real-life organizational/corporate issues.

  5. Find out how to optimize your learning and absorption of information, especially for trainings and briefings.

Workshop Overview

The Mind Mapping: Creative Thinking for Leaders and Managers Workshop™ is a training program that will help unleash your creativity. By teaching you how to MindMap, you will discover how to use your whole brain (right and left) to create original ideas and thoughts.

As Tony Buzan explains in his Bestselling book Mind Maps at Work, "Mind Maps can help you at work in an infinite number of ways, because like you, Mind Maps are workers. When Mind Maps are at work, they work hard; enabling you to think radiantly and unleash your own incredible potential-they will become your allies: they will be there to support you in any working situation."

Workshop Design

The name workshop says it all. While our two-day workshop is led by an engaging Buzan Center Philippines Facilitator, you'll soon realize this is not just your ordinary sit-and-soak event. You can be assured that it will be an enlightening and fun program that you've ever participated in.

Who Should Attend
  • Leaders, managers, supervisors, directors, executives, and teams who give importance to organizational development and completion of goals and finding solutions

  • Trainers and HR professions who are responsible for implementing innovation, creativity and leadership programs within their organizations.
Action Planning

Nothing is more important than transferring what you learn in the classroom back to your work environment. That is why we purposely schedule time during the workshop for you to create your own Mind Maps and apply it to your projects at work or at home. Our Facilitator will walk you through critical steps so that you will be able to take advantage of the full potential of this wonderful tool.

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