Thursday, May 8, 2008


Nicole, our resident Mind Mapping project manager, and our Buzan Licensed Instructor (BLI), Aggie Sarthou will be running an in-house Mind Mapping workshop for Wrigley's starting tomorrow, May 8, and Friday, May 9.

I have a soft spot for Wrigley's. Their brand name brings back childhood memories of the gum I used to chew in school and place under my desk. :-) But, now that I think about it, I guess our Singapore Buzan partners don't appreciate that. They've never experienced chewing gum in Singapore lah!

Watch this post for pictures and feedback from our Wrigley's participants.

We'll also be posting stuff from our public Mindmapping workshop being conducted by Bernard Marquez, BLI, at the Intercon Hotel in Makati.

To find out more about Mindmapping check out the page in our website:

Good night!

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