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12th Mind Mapping: Creative Thinking for Leaders and Managers

"Unleash the Creativity and Genius in You!"

"Save P1,000 when you sign up before August 8, 2008 for our Early Bird rate!"

Unleash your mind's potential and the genius in you! Take advantage of another opportunity to learn the revolutionary thinking tool - Mind Maps through our 12th Mind Mapping: Creative Thinking for Leaders and Managerson August 28-29, 2008 at the Edsa Shangri-La Manila.

Our brain is a sleeping giant. Many experts believe that we use as little as 1% of our brain, spending very little time on:

  • creative thinking applied to different disciplines
  • concentration as a function of time
  • memory performance during and after the assimilation of information
  • the art of communication for memory
  • the effect of our modes of thought on habit patterns and change.

Statistics show that, on average, executives spend:

  • 30% of their time reading and sorting through information
  • 20% of their time solving problems and thinking creatively
  • 20% of their time communicating

What if YOU are given the operations manual of the brain to unleash your brain's full potential and creative genius?

Invest in your intellectual capital and see how it will change and affect your organization!

Don't miss out on this must-attend training! Whether you're new about Mind Mapping or are already using this amazing brain tool, Mind Mapping will help you:

  • Absorb various trainings and learnings better!
  • Brainstorm better and faster through the Bloom™ techniques and generate 10x more creative ideas.
  • Plan and set goals, write proposals and letters 4x faster
  • Multi-task and set priorities with ease
  • Prepare better for presentations, meetings and briefings with confidence and less stress - and much more!

Here are rave reviews with our participants:

"Learning to do mind maps is a big help in the development of an individual. Definitely a worthy investment!" - Ms. Lucille P. Tolentino, Rustan marketing Specialists, Inc.

"This exceeds my expectations. I thought I won't have fun, but I did! - Grace Diamante, Shell Philippines Exploration

"Highly interactive! Overall, a great learning experience applicable to almost any organizational structure or task!" - Ms. Marie Grace B. Marci, BrandLab Inc.

"The best seminar I have ever attend in years!!!" - Mr. Danilo A. Aparis, Alarm Security & Investigation Services, Inc.

"Great seminar!" - Maria Luisa Reyes Yap, Lafarge Cememnt Services Philippines

Join companies such as Globe Telecom, Microsoft, Unilab, Leo Burnett, PLDT, and Ace Saatchi and Saatchi, who have previously attended our Mind Mapping workshops.

This workshop is designed by Tony Buzan - the world's leading expert on the brain, the Creative Intelligence Guru and author of over 90 books on creative thinking. He is also the founder of the Mind Maps, the thinking tool used by over 250 million people. Currently, he holds the world's highest creativity IQ.

Facilitated by Bernard Marquez, a Buzan-Licensed Instructor, who trained in Singapore, this is a workshop designed to help you unleash your brain's full potential by teaching you how to maximize both parts of your brain.

Be part of the many managers and executives in discovering how to create better plans, strategies, proposals, and presentations. With the Mind Mapping tools you will see how it can help you conceptualize new product and business ideas.

We encourage you to scroll down below and read up on how Mind Mapping has helped individuals and companies - even cities!

Thanks and God bless!

Nicole Therese R. Guerzon
Project Manager - 11th Mind Mapping: Creative Thinking for Leaders and Managers
Salt and Light Ventures, Inc.

Save P1,000 when you register before August 8, 2008 for our Early Bird Rate! Just scroll down the invitation below and simply email back reservation form at or Or, you may print out the reservation form and fax it at 8132745.

Mind Mapping Seminar Details

6 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up Now:

1. Learn Mind Mapping - a powerful graphic technique which provides a universal key to unlock the potential of the brain. It harnesses the full range of cortical skills - word, image, number, logic, rhythm, color and spatial awareness - in a single, uniquely powerful manner.

2. Discover how to find solutions and what is restricting you when brainstorming.

3. Capture the most important "correct thoughts/keywords".

4. Unpack the meaning of "associations between ideas" and the importance of color and imagery.

5. Participate in a hands-on Mind Mapping workshop about real-life organizational/corporate issues.

6. Find out how to optimize your learning and absorption of information,
especially for trainings and briefings.

Workshop Overview

The Mind Mapping: Creative Thinking for Leaders and Managers Workshop™ is a training program that will help unleash your creativity. By teaching you how to MindMap, you will discover how to use your whole brain (right and left) to create original ideas and thoughts.

As Tony Buzan explains in his Bestselling book Mind Maps at Work, "Mind Maps can help you at work in an infinite number of ways, because like you, Mind Maps are workers. When Mind Maps are at work, they work hard; enabling you to think radiantly and unleash your own incredible potential-they will become your allies: they will be there to support you in any working situation."

Workshop Design

The name workshop says it all. While our two-day workshop is led by an engaging Buzan Center Philippines Facilitator, you'll soon realize this is not just your ordinary sit-and-soak event. You can be assured that it will be an enlightening and fun program that you've ever participated in.

Who Should Attend

  • Leaders, managers, supervisors, directors, executives, and teams who give importance to organizational development and completion of goals and finding solutions
  • Trainers and HR professions who are responsible for implementing innovation, creativity and leadership programs within their organizations.

Action Planning

Nothing is more important than transferring what you learn in the classroom back to your work environment. That is why we purposely schedule time during the workshop for you to create your own Mind Maps and apply it to your projects at work or at home. Our Facilitator will walk you through critical steps so that you will be able to take advantage of the full potential of this wonderful tool.

More Rave Reviews about Mind Mapping and the Workshop:

"Very exciting, challenging, enlightening! Mind Mapping is definitely a 'thinking out of the box' tool that can be used individually and corporately." - Ms. Vilma P. Salvio, Philippine Bible Society
"Mind Mapping itself is an effective tool to simplify complex ideas/concepts. Creating my own mind maps was fun & relaxing - great timing for us busy people to take a time-off from our work and enjoy what we're doing." - Gertrude Marie A. Martinez, MERALCO

"It's a creative way of thinking for different situations - life planning, strategic planning, meetings, and designing programs!" - Lea M. Dublado, Petron Corporation

"Mind Mapping is helpful in achieving results!" - Michael Miranda, BPI

"I'll be able to use mind mapping for brainstorming and discussions!" - Janet Ong, LBC Express, Inc.

"I will share my learnings with my co-workers and apply the principles in coaching and mentoring." - Jocelyn Villacorta, ACE Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising Inc.

What if you had the ability to think and generate ideas four-times faster than before?

About the Course Designer-
Tony Buzan: Holder of the World's Highest Creativity IQ

Tony Buzan is the creator of the Mind Mapping thinking technique
. Mind Maps, a learning technique described as 'The Swiss Army Knife of the Brain,' is used by over 250 million people worldwide including officials and staff in the Singaporean Government and School System and executives in Oracle, Microsoft, Con Edison and Boeing.

Tony Buzan is also the co-founder of the Mind Sports Olympiad and originator of the Mental Literacy concept.
Most of his teaching generally divides up into general awareness of the extensive capabilities and capacities of the brain and its functions, memory skills, reading skills, mind map note-taking, creativity, and how brain functions can be improved over time.

To date, Tony Buzan has written over 90 books
and many best sellers including Mind Maps at Work: How to Be the Best at Your Job and Still Have Time to Play, The Power of Creative Intelligence, The Brainsmart Leader, and The Mind Map Book: How to Use Radiant Thinking to Maximize Your Brain's Untapped Potential.

Mind Maps -

create "new knowledge"

"...a new generation of Mind Mapping software can also be used as a digital "blank slate" to help connect and synthesize ideas and data - and ultimately create new knowledge."

- Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

help organize your materials for speeches

"If I am concerned about having too much or what to cover in a speech, I organize it by Mind Mapping the material."

Ken Blanchard - Author, One Minute Manager

inspire innovation

'Mind Maps have permeated Oracle. They are part of a drive for greater innovation within the company. Mind Maps have enabled us to improve our effectiveness. - Alan Matcham, Director of Oracle

Imagine the transformation it could do for your career, business, and life! Harness the power of creativity and the ability of conceptualizing innovative ideas for your organization.

Mind Mapping: Creative Thinking for Leaders and Managers™ is a workshop designed to help you unleash your brain's full potential.

Training Investment for the 12th Mind Maping: Creative Thinking for Leaders and Managers
Early Bird Rate is only P11,977 + 12% VAT when you sign up before August 8, 2008. Save P1,000!

Regular rate

is only P12,977 + 12% Vat

Inclusive of:

* Workshop attendance

* Workbook

* Certificate of completion

* Lunch and 2 snacks per day

Sign up now!

*Group discounts :

3 delegates - Less P 300 per delegate on top of Regular Rate

4 delegates - Less P 400 per delegate on top of Regular Rate

5 delegates - Less P 500 per delegate on top of Regular Rate

6 delegates - Less P 600 per delegate on top of Regular Rate

7 delegates - Less P 700 per delegate on top of Regular Rate

8 delegates - Less P 800 per delegate on top of Regular Rate

9 delegates - Less P 900 per delegate on top of Regular Rate

10 delegates - Less P 1,000 per delegate on top of Regular Rate

To reserve seat(s) for your delegates, please fill up the form below and return it to this address (or email it to if this has been forwarded to you)

Look! 4 Easy Ways to Reserve:

[ ] Fill out the form below and Email us at or

[ ] Fax this form to 813-2745 or 886-4841

[ ]Call) 8132732/03; 8302191 ask for Nicole, Fina or Juliet

[ ] Send form together with your company check to Salt and Light Ventures, Inc., 4/F Majalco Bldg., 104 Benavidez St., Makati City. You may also deposit payment to Salt & Light Ventures, Inc. BPI Current Account # 3211-0837-85, Corinthian Plaza, Paseo de Roxas, Makati branch. Please remember to write the name(s) of the delegate(s) on the deposit slip.


August 28 and 29 2008, Edsa Shangri-La, 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Yes! Please reserve ____ seat(s) for the following participants: (Please change if different)













































* For more than 3 pax, kindly add more details. Thank you.
* Mobile number is optional, but important in case we need to inform delegates of urgent, last minute changes for emergencies (ie. weather, speaker changes, etc).

[ ] By Cheque. I will send check payment to your office on ______________________________.
[ ] By Pick-up. Please pick-up our check on ______________________________ (time/date).
Prepare check payable to Salt and Light Ventures, Inc.
[ ] By Bank Deposit. Kindly remit your payment to the ff. bank details:
Company Name: Salt and Light Ventures, Inc.
TIN #: 212-844-982-000-VAT
Account #: BPI CA # 3211-0837-85, Makati branch
For zero-rated or VAT-exempt companies, please include your Certificate of Exemption. Provide Form 2307 or Certificate of Tax Withheld if payment done with tax withheld. Please withhold only 2% as we are classified as suppliers or contractors of services.

1. No cancellations seven days before the seminar. Seminar participation may be transferred to another person in the same company.
2. This reservation form, when completed, may also serve as your billing invoice.
3. All seminar fees must be prepaid.

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